The Spiridis Family

Traditional cultivation - Since 1932

Organic Kalamata olive, Organic extra virgin olive oil and Kalamata olive spread from our fields directly to your table.


Driven by the love,the desire and the expertise which our grandfather handed down to our father and he in turn to us, over 80 years now, the Spyridis family has been involved in the production of organic extra virgin olive oil and organic Kalamata olives.

Inspired by a common vision, which is the creation of authentic Greek organic products…



The olive tree is interwoven with the ideals of Greek culture. Peloponnese holds a 35% share in Greek olive oil production.

Our company produces premium quality olive oil from the best varieties (Koroneiki, Anthinolia) and edible olives of Kalamata variety (Aetonyxi), products which are the main pillars of the Mediterranean diet.

“Spartan Farmers”, means pure products from the sacred olive tree, created with knowledge, love and care to offer you one of the most precious goods of the Greek nature.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Unique varieties, careful cultivation and contemporary certified management are the steps towards creating a special product, which constitute a delightful choice for everyday use. It is an extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity (0,1 – 0,8%), each drop...

Organic Kalamata olives

The “Kalamata” variety,known to all of us as the table olive, is famous for its crisp skin, excellent taste but also for its nutritional value. The organic Kalamata olives are harvested one by one, exclusively from our organic olive groves...

Kalamata olive spread

The "Spartan Farmers" Kalamata olive pate is a kind of soft puree made from our natural table olives. It is the healthiest and most gourmet snack to delightfully accompany your meals at any time of the day. Our organic olive...
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