Driven by the love and the know-how that our grandfather conveyed to our father and he himself later on to us, over 80 years now, the Spyridis family has been involved in the production of organic extra virgin olive oil and organic Kalamata olives.
Inspired by a single vision, the creation of authentic Greek organic products, we proceeded to the establishment of “Spartan Farmers” company.

Our commitment is to produce products of unparalleled quality, always following the strictest international safety and hygiene rules.

With respect for the environment and passion for excellence, we set strict standards regarding the production of all of our products, anticipating fully satisfied customers worldwide.

In 1996, having developed a sense of ecological consciousness, we joined organic farming.


During 1996, after several years of being occupied with the land and the olive tree, having now developed a sense of ecological consciousness, we joined organic farming, where we still continue using only environmentally friendly methods and therefore our products. Our ultimate goal is to optimize quality.

The organic olive cultivation is based on methods of rejuvenating the soil of the olive grove, recycling the by-products and other available organic materials and protecting the environment. It is the method of olive oil production that aims at producing an excellent quality of olive products, free from agrochemical residues. On the basis of these principles, we use mild cultivation techniques and plant protection products that do not pose a threat to nature.

Regular inspection and evaluation of production process is taken on by the BIO-HELLAS certification organization, from which we receive the certification regarding organic farming.


In Goritsa Laconias, just outside the city of Sparta, in a dominant olive growing area, the climatic conditions and the natural environment are ideal for the olive tree. On the basis of these, the olive tree is considered sacred (PGI – Protected Geographical Indication). Always respecting the basic principles of environmental protection and devoted to the values that govern our activity, we cultivate olives in a traditional way and without the use of hazardous chemical pesticides.

Among the peaks of Taygetos & Parnonas, in the fertile valley of Eurotas, in the Peloponnese and more specifically in Laconia with the capital of Sparta, our olive groves are located. Here, with tradition, love, know-how and passion, we produce Spyridi’s family organic Kalamata olives and organic extra virgin olive oil (Spartan Farmers).

Our olive groves are accessible while we ourselves undertake the field tour, presenting you with all aspects of the cultivation process.

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